Leading my birth team was Allegra Hill, Superstar midwife who I cannot say enough good things about, but here are some of the top reasons I feel blessed that she was there for me. During the birth she went above and beyond for me. She showed up as such a calming force in the midst of what felt very chaotic physical event. Birth class just can't prepare you for contractions! While I was laboring she handily supported me, managed to set up her equipment and clean my birth room! I couldn't appreciate it as I should have at the time but looking back overall she was truly impressive. 

Every time I tell my birth story I tell people that she probably saved me a lot of pain (and stitches) by instructing me to push slowly after my little buba crowned. I also tell them how she unwrapped Alex's apparently long umbilical cord that was wrapped TWICE around his neck. And because it was no big deal for her it was no big deal for me. My face after birth was one of calm happiness. She caught my son when even my boyfriend was freaking out about his little head being alien shaped. (Birth class didn't prepare him for that.) She picked out Alex's first outfit and after all the hubbub died down it was Allegra who sat with me and helped me be a mommy in my first hours. Her aftercare was superior and necessary where she again provided not only has a professional hand but a human touch. And for this I am grateful and honored to have had her with me. If I ever have another baby to catch she may very well be the first to know. 




From the moment that I met Allegra I knew that she would take good care of me.  She just radiates that vibe.  Welcoming her into my home felt like second nature.  She's a great listener and concerned for your well-being.  She's affable, energetic, funny, and sweet.  My favorite quality is that she is so positive.  Any doubts that I had, she assured me that everything would be all right.  (And she was right!)  She is opinionated, and this confidence stems from not only her dedication to her studies, but also her years of hands-on experience.  Allegra is a kindred spirit, but also a professional who is serious about the service she is providing.  She is excelling in her trade and this is evident by the success she had with her clients.  She has become for me, personally, a good friend and confidante.



If you choose to work with Allegra at Radiant Transitions,  you and your entire family will feel educated, prepared and supported from conception through postpartum care.



Allegra was our doula for the birth of our first child in May 2013.  From our first meeting, my husband and I both felt very comfortable with her and we are so happy we chose her as our doula.  I had to be induced and Allegra was there through my entire 15 hours of active labor and 3+ hours of pushing.  She helped us to calmly decide on each course of action and was endlessly supportive.  I truly do not know how we would have made it through the birth without her.  If we have another child, I know I will want Allegra there again!



Allegra was one of the most wonderful people to work with. While I did not use her as a Doula, I did you her for my Placenta Encapsulation and she really went the extra mile with me offering up other valuable insight into my pregnancy in addition to pills that made me feel so much better in my weeks after the birth of my son. She was very understanding and listened to my C-section stories despite her not being my Doula. Next time around I will definitely call on Allegra again!



I had my placenta encapsulated by Allegra with my third baby in 2013 and I can't say enough about how great I felt postpartum! I had lots more energy, my hormones were well balanced and my milk supply never diminished. In comparison to my 2 other recoveries, this by far was the best because I had more energy, less night sweats and felt great!  My husband definitely saw a difference mainly with my emotional wellbeing and that I was "less crazy" than after the birth of my other 2 kids. Allegra delivered my placenta pills with love and took special time to go over everything with me. She has such a wonderful spirit and IF I were having any more kids, I would trust her to encapsulate my placenta again!



Allegra was such an integral part of my birth experience.  It's hard for me to put into words but when I think about it I see this picture: Allegra was the first to arrive and we sat side by side talking about the previous birth she had attended. She was visibly tired from it but there was this radiant gold orb over her Heart Chakra. I knew she was ready (to help me have the best birth experience possible). She's incredible!



Allegra was a joy from the very beginning.  She is knowledgeable, warm and supportive.  Whatever questions we had throughout my pregnancy she was able to answer and put us at ease.  Not only did she make my journey much smoother, she made my husband feel comfortable and empowered, and kept him included in our process.  When it came time for my labor to begin, Allegra was right there rubbing my back, helping me to find the most comfortable positions, and encouraging me to move along.  She was gentle at the right moments, a little tougher at others, and always exactly what I needed. Once our son arrived, she was still just as supportive with breast feeding, sleeping, and all things new to this first time mama.  There truly is no end to the wonderful things I can say about Allegra.  We will always be grateful to her for helping us bring our sweet boy into this world and look forward to working with her again.



Allegra was the perfect fit for our family to welcome our first daughter!  She has a laid back personality and great sense of humor that makes the anxiety of having a first child easier. She really has a deep base of knowledge that helps support having the most positive birth experience possible.  We wanted to have a natural labor but since labor is unpredictable, I ended up having a C-section. Allegra was able to really be a rock emotionally and armed us with the information we needed to feel good about our decision.  I labored for almost 40 hours before the C-section and Allegra was there by my side the whole time.  I would 100% recommend her to any family who wants to have an informed, supported and positive birth experience.  Before the labor, Allegra really takes time to get to know you and your partner and she really supports you the birth to transition into taking care of a newborn.  I am so lucky to have had her as my doula and feel lucky now to have her as a friend. I am now home with my almost three week old baby and my husband and I still talk about how we really depended on Allegra and needed her!  Allegra really cares and we would recommend her to any of you parents out there.