The profound process of  pregnancy and childbirth allow us to grow in tremendous ways.  As a home birth midwife Allegra Hill has committed her life to serving women and families. She officially founded Radiant Transitions in 2013 and works with families throughout the greater Los Angeles area. She has been blessed with the experience of attending hundreds of beautiful births in homes, hospitals and birth centers and supporting many, many more with placenta medicine and newborn nurturing. 

Allegra’s passion for childbirth evolved in an exciting and unexpected way. Her very first experience with birth was in support of the unplanned unassisted natural birth of her niece in June 2005. This experience taught Allegra that childbirth is normal, natural and that the vast majority of times… it just works! She has been devoted to sharing this peaceful, emboldening truth ever since.  


Allegra is a Certified Professional Midwife, Licensed Midwife and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  Regardless of the personal choices of her clients, Allegra believes every single birth is a miracle and a gift. Her singular aim is to help her clients connect with the innate power within them.  


Her wisdom and calm are incomparable. She strengthens and guides expectant parents through the life-changing transformation of childbirth with a peaceful and knowledgeable presence that soothes and comforts all involved.


Exactly 10 years after attending the birth of her niece, Allegra and her husband Gerry welcomed their daughter naturally in their home.   Allegra and Gerry live in downtown Culver City with their daughter, two cats and box turtle.   They love attending concerts , home-brewing beer, and frequenting local farmers markets, beaches, and parks. A member of the trans-denominational Agape International Spiritual Center, Allegra is committed to peace on the planet and living in a world that works for everyone, including babies.


After travelling the world, Allegra now lives less than one mile from The Natural Childbirth Center where she was born in Culver City - exemplifying the concept of finding strength in one’s roots. Whether you desire a re-connection to your own roots or to mold and press new, deep-reaching roots for this new phase of your evolution… Allegra will prove to be a wise and wonderful guide.