Placenta Encapsulation $350

Placenta Tincture $50

Lactation Consultation with Pill Delivery $150

Placenta Medicine delivered right to your door.  Placenta Encapsulation is the perfect way to nourish and support yourself postpartum. Using steamed or the raw method for preparation, the placenta is thoroughly cleaned and cut into thin slices and arranged in a dehydrator.  Once the placenta strips are completely dry they are ground into a powder and enclosed in vegan, Kosher and preservative-free capsules.  The final product resembles vitamins that help to fight "Baby Blues" and boost your mood, stabilize your hormones, and increase your energy & support your postpartum recovery.  

Your placenta will be picked up shortly after the birth and returned to you 48-72 hours later.  

A lactation consultation visit is  also available when the pills are delivered for a promotional fee



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